The Angel Devil Machine
"Game-Novel" Experience

Imagine the excitement of the traditional graphic novel series, in the tradition of Heavy Metal Magazine, Epic Illustrated, Schuiten-Peeters, and Neil Gaiman - but one that you can walk through. 
One that you can explore. 

Imagine a desktop computer game adventure that WON'T require months of dedicated play time (or terabytes of hard drive space).

Imagine 15 minute computer game adventures, released in series, with massive exploration replay potential, serialized into an epic and evolving universe. Something to always look forward to, that continually surprises and challenges you.


The adventure begins February 2021



After 10 years, Baron Marcus returns with his defining dark electronic pop album... "Welcome to the Show"

"Welcome to the Show" will be released as a series of singles, many integrated into playable computer game-novel experiences. 

Exploring his passion and history in alternative and fetish culture, Baron Marcus finds expression in a dark electronic dance, EDM, darkwave musical journey - wrapped in gothic and dieselpunk aesthetic explorations.


Baron Marcus - Welcome to the Show.jpg

Now Released!!! - January 8th 2021 
The first song, and title track, of the Baron Marcus album "Welcome to the Show", this song explores our waking up to epic transformation, and an evolving dystopia that accompanies our newfound power... 

"What took forever, is now forever gone"



To explore the synthesis of mythic dreams, dark electronic music, and the new medium of computer game design...

Since before recorded history, we would tell and hear stories. Epic tales of adventure and mystery, reflecting against our everyday human condition. Always, new meaning found in a shared sense of wonder.

Stories became pictures. Pictures accompanied sounds, and then words, and music - then written to share again and again. 

The aural medium, to the literary medium and artistic traditions, to the medium of stage, to them medium of film, and now to...
The GAME  medium.

ANGEL DEVIL MACHINE and the BARON MARCUS PROJECT is a bold and ambitious journey to explore epic storytelling through music and the computer game medium.

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